BELVIQ Diet Pill Review: Price, Cost, Where to Buy


BELVIQ is the trademarked name for the newly approved diet pill, Lorcaserin Hydrocloride. It is a weight loss drug aimed at persons with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 and above or to people who are overweight but has complications such as diabetes and heart problems.


What is BELVIQ?

The Generic Name of BELVIQ is Lorcaserin. For a time, Belviq diet pill was also known as LORQESS. Belviq is being manufactured by Arena Pharmaceuticals and will be released by a company called Easai.


How does BELVIQ Work?

Belviq works as an activator of the 5-HT2C receptors found in the hypothalamus in the brain. These receptors are responsible for the release of serotonin that can make a person satisfied. Activating these receptors will allow a person to avoid carvings and eat less amounts of food.

Studies shows that BELVIQ is more 5-HT2C receptor selective than Fen-Phen, a banned diet pill that uses the same mode of action and pathway. The US FDA have seen the safety profile of BELVIQ, thus awarded it with its approval to be manufactured and be sold in different pharmacies and drug stores in the United States.


Is BELVIQ effective in helping people to lose weight?

Belviq can help obese and overweight people to lose a weight as fast as 12 weeks.

One clinical study using Lorcaserin on 3 groups shows good results in reducing weight for as short as 12 weeks or 3 months.

  • The first group was given a daily dose of 10mg of Lorcaserin and each patient lost an average of 4 pounds.
  • The second group lost an average of 5.7 pounds per patients by taking a Belviq dose of 15 mg.
  • The third group was able to lose an average of 8 pounds per person by taking a daily dose of Belviq 20mg.

The FDA has made a special note that once Belviq is available or released, patients who does experience significant weight loss after taking Belviq for 12 weeks or 3 months should stop taking the diet pill to avoid getting unwanted side effects.


BELVIQ Side Effects

ON clinical trials, many of the side effects found in Lorcaserin are labeled as mild and fairly tolerable. The most common side effect of Belviq is headache. Other adverse reactions found for Lorcaserin includes vomiting, nausea, dry mouth and dizziness.

The FDA is convinced that Belviq is safe to be used and prescribed to obese patients, thus the FDA Approval last June 2012. However, they still require Arena Pharmaceuticals to conduct 3 after market studies to further document the safety profile of Belviq. The FDA will closely monitor different side effects of Belviq especially if there are reports of heart attacks or stroke that are related in taking the diet pill.


How much does Belviq cost?

Belviq is still not out in the market. It will be distributed by Easai and release date for Belviq is estimated at the first months of 2013.

Belviq price is still not finalized. It was hinted that the price of Belviq might “ cost like a Venti Latte in New York”.

A Venti Latte in a Starbucks store in New York is priced at 3.57 dollars. It is still not clear if however if the estimate is referring to retail price of Belviq per tablet of the treatment cost of Belviq per day for Belviq should be taken 2 tablets daily.


Where to BUY BELVIQ?

Belviq is still not for SALE. Avoid buying products claiming to be GENERIC Belviq or Cheap Belviq for these products are fake drugs and taking them might harm your health.

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  1. JESS YATES says:

    You are a little bit behind with your description. I am buying it in California and have been on it for 5 days. I am now looking for the cheapest plCE TO BUT IT.

  2. Mary Caldwell says:

    Hello, i have a prescription for a 15 day FREE trial. I need the voucher, it wasn’t inside my brochure. Plus i have my other prescription for the 30 day supply of BELVIQ. Can you plz email it to me, so i can print it out and get started. I’m ready to start my new journey.

  3. I live in the Coachella Valley ie palm Springs and I can not find a physician who will prescribe Belviq. Does anyone know of a clinic or prescribing physician?

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